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Links to over 100 online games

Toylab Games  10 Java and flash based arcade games  six games/activities to choose form.  Flash 4plugin       required.  Ages 6-10.

Funschool Well done site with loads of games for kids ages preschool to 12.

Boowa and Kawala  Cute and original games for preschoolers

The Kid's Treehouse Games  Fun shockwave games.  Try Lickety Splat.

Alfy Arcade  preschool to 12 years old.  Adventure, young kids, space, word and number games and more.

FoxKids Games  Several pages of original games from the folks at FoxKids.

Free Arcade  Check out all the old 80's arcade games your parents had to pay quarter to play.

Funbrain Game Showcase Ages 12 and under.  Over 30 fun learning games.

Nickelodeon Games  Games based on the Nickelodeon shows.

Nick Games and Sports Another game page from Nickelodeon.

Kid's Domain Games  Java based games for all ages.

Yahooligan's Games  chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, go fish, word search, reversi.

Puzzle Depot  Trivia, Bingo, Crosswords, and other newspaper puzzles.

Universal Studios Games  Several games starring Woody Woodpecker.

ACE Kids Java Games  Mastermind, Stars, hunt the Wumpers, connect four, and Hit me.

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