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Sites for parents about kids on the internet  Site covering a broad range of topics for the Go network.

Parent Soup  comprehensive site including chat, discussion boards, and loads of resources.  another good parent resource covering pregnancy, development, health and safety, and even travel.

Parent Place  site is really focused on interaction between parents on the web as well as professionals such as pediatricians, dentists, counselors, and obstetricians.

Parent Time .com  parent resources from the folks at Parenting and Baby magazines.

America Links Up

Smart Parent   a resource dedicated to educating parents on the best ways to safeguard their children from the dangers presented by cyberspace. Our goal is to help keep the online experience safe, educational and entertaining for children.

McGruff  safe surfing tip from our favorite crime fighting dog.

Parents-Talk  discussions, vacation advice, net tips, fun and games

Newbery Awards for Children's Literature

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Adult content filtering programs

Cyber patrol      

Net Nanny