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General Preschool Sites

Children's Television Workshop  activities and information for youngsters and parents


Seussville  fun stuff from the kids' favorite doctor.  go on location with Miss Piggy or take the comedy tour with Fozzie Bear.

700+ Great Sites for Kids  Links to some outstanding sites.

Animabets  Fun activities, "try what's in a name" email characters and they    email back.

Berits best sites for children  another super links site

Kids domain  Mac and Pc programs for kids, also contests, holiday stuff, pokemon, online games.

Dragon Tales  Website for the new TV show by the makers of Sesame Street.  The site has games and coloring pages.

Kids Psych  Neat site with games to develop cognitive skills.  Games and activities from the Crayon people

LiL' Land  Loads of fun stuff to do.  Nice graphics and design.

Davis' Farmland  Fun farm sounds.

Children's Storybooks Online  Well done site with categories for all ages.

Kids Playroom by Universal Studios  Coloring, games, sights and sounds.  Links, activities and catalog form the publisher of the popular children's magazine.

Perpetual preschool  tons of ideas for preschool teachers and funa activities
for kids. 
Davis school house  fun for kids and grown ups  outstanding site for preschool students and their parents and teachers
EFL preschool-resource for teachers of young learners  resourse center for kids and teachers
Room108  educational activity center for kids
Kid Info  children's site links


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