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 LycosZone Our Privacy Vow | Homework Help 

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and General Reference  dictionary and grammar reference, thesaurus, language dictionaries, even a translator "cool"  tips on everything from how to buy a car to how to cook a turkey  illustrated tutorials. learn to bowl or even make a paper cowboy hat

Ask an Expert  Numerous "experts in their fields" volunteer their time to answer your questions

The links .com links to reference sites on the net including ; zip codes, dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, and airline toll free numbers  encyclopedia geared towards kids  Online road maps

Map machine  online maps by national Geographic  reference links, classroom internet projects and homework helpers.

Pronunciation Online  Exercises and ideas for learning pronunciation and listening skills.

Schoolwork  Links to homework help in practically any subject.

Linkopedia Nice link resource for kids.

Kid's Almanac  almanac and other references, as well as a homework center.