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2/1/00  review of "Great"

     "Great Kids" is a web site that profiles kids who are doing something special with their lives.  The accomplishments of these children are in fields such as music, inventing, sports, volunteer work, and other topics.  Besides profiling children, "Great kids" includes a list of web sites for kids, games, profiles of organizations geared towards kids, and bulletin board.

    The kid featured on the main page is Mandy.  Mandy is a 16 year old girl who helps out a single mom.  Mandy babysits a few times a week for free.  This allows the mom time to get her house chores and errands done.  Its a nice story.  Take the time to check it out.  The links section of the site is divided into the following topics;  search engines, entertainment, reference, sites by kids, and world community.  The games on the site are hangman, matchmaker, and gladlibs.  This section of the site also includes a comic strip and a brain drain.  The brain drain is a quiz based on some of the featured stories.

     "Great kids" is a well designed site.  The graphics are tasteful and catchy.  Navigating the site is easy.  There is a menu bar on the left.  The pages of the site are displayed in neat window frame in the center of the web page.

Overall I was impressed with "Great Kids".  The concept of the site is unique.  The design is simple and effective.  I recommend this site to parents and kids over the age of 7.   Check out the site at