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Sites for elementary school kids


Discovery kids

History channel classroom

Cyber sleuth kids  an internet search guide for students k-12

Disney Online  well done site with links and reviews form syndicated newspaper columnist Barbara Feldman

700+ Great Sites for Kids  Links to some outstanding sites.

Ask Jeeves for kids  Kid search engine

Sports Illustrated for kids

Kudzu Kids  Solve the mystery of the confederate bones.

Kids Bank cool site that teaches kids about banking

Animabets  Fun activities, "try what's in a name" email characters and they    email back.

Berits best sites for children  another super links site

Cartoon Network

Kidscom  under 12 activities

Kids domain  Mac and Pc programs for kids, also contests, holiday stuff, pokemon, online games.

Kids Psych  Neat site with games to develop cognitive skills.

Scooby Doo  The official Scooby Doo site from the Cartoon Network.  Games, sounds, and video clips.

Great Kids  This Site profiles kids doing something special with their lives.

Children's Storybooks Online  Well done site with categories for all ages.

Kids Playroom by Universal Studios  Coloring, games, sights and sounds.

Ace Kids  Stories, games, schools, and other cool kid's sites.

Barnyard Buddies  Online stories and games about the farm.

Real  True life adventures of real kids.  Links, activities and catalog form the publisher of the popular children's magazine.